Overcome Financial Barriers in health and social care

In this article, we will discuss about how to overcome Financial Barriers in health and social care. Let us take a look:

In almost all countries the major issues faced on the fore front are health and social care. Reports from ILO suggest that the deficit which is in access does amount to around 1/3rd of the communities across the world. In almost every country which is having low, high and middle income margin, the maximum number of population is lacking the appropriate financial measures for handling or overcoming the health related services offered to them. The major development work-streams in those countries are facilitating the appropriate level of health support and care. As the population is shooting up rapidly, the concern for providing the perfect and appropriate care of health is at the top most priority.  It has become a political agenda, as increment in the cost of living is bringing adversity to the daily life of individuals and hampering their workability.

Lack of inadequate medical facilities has a greater impact to the society and economy. However, when the primary work-force of an organization i.e. labours/employees stay healthy and highly spirited, It proves beneficial for the development of the company as they would then be able to provide 100% devotion in the upliftment of the product resulting in better outputs and overall productivity. Also if the mortality and morbidity rates fall on the lower side then the labour supply increments on the higher side.

Access to health care means that the workers are going to be facilitated with an extended hand for the security and social coverage with respect to the health benefits for the available population. Whereas the legal facilities which are being provided would be related to general entitlements, rights which are formal, geographical and financial availability of the facility provided.

The major focus should be related to the financial cover due to which the impoverishment related to the health could be avoided. The financial cover would be including the avoidance of the out-of –pocket amounts which would be reducing the affordability with regards to the essential services. There should be some compensation amount given to the labour when he is unable to work due to health issues. When an out-of-pocket amount is aided to the employees they get inspired  and happy knowing the fact that their organization stood by them during the hour of crisis.

There are many different means through which the population could be aided with suitable means of financing. There are different mechanisms of financing which can assist the people in getting adequate social and health care. One of the most flexible means which can be mentioned is through “taxes”, A step towards appropriate social and health condition could be reduction or exemption of taxes on social or financial grounds. Each and every country would be responsible for providing the appropriate health mechanisms at their country level. Some of the means could be taking care of the rules and regulations of the mechanisms which have been set forward.

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