How to check my credit score in India

In this article we will solve the query asked by one of our visitor as he asked “How to check my credit score in India”. Here’s the details.

We can get our credit score by two easy processes. First one is Online and second is Offline. Credit report agencies provide both services to their customers. Therefore, first of all, we explain the online procedure for getting their credit score. Let us follow these steps

  • First of all, the applicant is required to fill in the application form, which he can get by credit rating agency website. In the application form, he requires to fill in some basic details, such as Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Address, Contact details, etc.
  • After filling the form, the applicant is required to attest some relevant documents with their application form. The relevant documents include Address proof, Identity proof, etc. and retaining self attested copies.
  • How to check my credit score in IndiaThereafter, the applicant submits form with a nominal fee. The nominal fee varies as per different agencies. For example, if the applicant wants to get their credit score by CIBIL, he must pay a nominal fee of Rs. 470. An applicant can pay this nominal amount by NEFT (National Exchange Fund Transfer) and other net banking platforms or by cash/credit card/debit card. This net banking facility was provided by 33 banks in India.
  • After submission of form, an applicant will receive a registration ID and transaction ID as acknowledgement and confirmation that your payment is successfully cleared.
  • After the clearance of payment, an applicant is required to provide answers of the questionnaire, which will be required by agencies for authentication of their application. The questions are related to  their past loans or credit cards.
  •  When it is confirmed that the application will get authenticated by a credit agency, the applicant will receive their credit score in 2 – 4 days by mail. However, on the other hand, if the authentication fails, the applicant needs to print out the receipt of online payment and mail it to the E-mail ID of credit rating agency.

Well, after discussing about the Online process, let’s also explain about the offline procedure, which are as follows

If an applicant has decided that he will go against the online process, then first of all, he has to download the application form or take a printout by the Credit rating agency website.

After this, he has to fill the form and get a demand draft of Rs. 470 by any specific bank and  attach this with an application form. Thereafter, applicant will require to attach their relevant documents (address proof, identity proof, etc) with application form and send it to the Agency address.

Most popular credit rating agency “CIBIL” (Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited) has provided an opportunity to get their Credit information report. The person has to pay a DD of  Rs. 154 only and then follow the above mentioned process. However, this opportunity is available only in the case of offline process.

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