Top Financial Tips For Young Adults

Here in this article we will tell you about Top Financial Tips For Young Adults. Here’s the complete details. Financial plans for everyone are profitable only if proper planning and implementation is involved. In spite of the financial crisis globally, you can save enough. Young adults need to be more careful when planning finances. Here […]

E – Books for Stock Trading Strategies

In this article, we discuss about the E- books for stock trading strategies. Here’s the complete detail. We recommend to investors for few E-books because it will teach him and solve all their queries related to stock trading.Stock trading is not so easy for investing. Investors are required to have some special skills for investing […]

Market Capitalization vs. Book Value

In this article, we will discuss about the Market capitalization and Book value of company in detail. Let’s explore Market Capitalization vs. Book Value. First of all, we will be discussing about the Market Capitalization of company: Market Capitalization: All the public companies have their market capitalization, which represent the corporate size of company and their […]

New format of Balance Sheet

In this article, we will describe about the new format of Balance Sheet. Under the companies act, 1956, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs was implemented the new format of balance sheet as on 28th February, 2011. In new Schedule VI, the new format of balance sheet is described. According to this article, companies are required […]

Limited Liability Company vs. Limited Liability Partnership

This article shows a comparison of Limited Liability Company vs. Limited Liability Partnership. Limited Liability Company: It refers to those companies, which have a separate legal identity from its members. It implies that the Limited liability Company has also obtained authorities similar to a corporation, such as Tax identification number (TIN), Opening a bank account, […]

Why VAT replace from the Sales Tax

In this article we will tell you why VAT replace from the sales tax. Here’s the complete detail. Before we go into depth about why VAT replace Sales tax, we must define the term of VAT. VAT: VAT is an abbreviation of Value Added Tax. It was firstly introduced in France on 10th April, 1954 […]

Personal Loan for CIBIL Defaulters in Delhi

Before we go into depth about the personal loan for CIBIL Defaulters in Delhi, we must define the terms CIBIL and the CIBIL Defaulter. CIBIL CIBIL is an acronym of Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited. It refers to a credit information company, which was incorporated in August, 2000. CIBIL is such a depositary of Credit […]