Personal Loan for CIBIL Defaulters in Delhi

Before we go into depth about the personal loan for CIBIL Defaulters in Delhi, we must define the terms CIBIL and the CIBIL Defaulter.


CIBIL is an acronym of Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited. It refers to a credit information company, which was incorporated in August, 2000. CIBIL is such a depositary of Credit Information, which is accumulated by the banks, financial and lending institutions and others in India. CIBIL is enforced by the Credit Information Companies (Regulations) Act, 2005, and Reserve Bank of India.

CIBIL has an authority to accumulate the data from various type of credit grantors and then share with their members of group. CIBIL has compiled the data from 17 Crore consumers and over 65 Lacs companies and contributed with over 500 members. Banks are submitted their credit reports without the concern of their customers. By these reports, CIBIL finds the credit amount of bank customers, their repayment history, their credit cards and other banking finances.

For more information, visit CIBIL Rating Criteria.

CIBIL Defaulter

Personal Loan for CIBIL Defaulters in DelhiCIBIL rating depends on performance of Credit Holders because CIBIL can only judge on that basis. CIBIL checks the track records of all current accounts and the total overdue amount of credit holders.

On that basis, CIBIL gives the credit rating to their clients in terms of Transunion score. Therefore, individuals are required to maintain their rating in CIBIL reports as it could be helped for getting a loan, credit card and for other facilities.

If individuals do not maintain their rating, then their score is going to be low and  they can get a low score rating by CIBIL. Those individuals are called CIBIL defaulters.

One of most major problems of CIBIL defaulters is that they could not be applied for loan, credit card and other facilities because banks do not offer their facilities to CIBIL defaulters. Therefore, we are mentioning the names of few companies below, who can provide these facilities to CIBIL defaulter:

1. Sai Credit and Investment

Sai Credit and Investment can provide Personal Loan facilities to CIBIL defaulters. It can also provide other loans such as Home Loan, Car Loan, Loan against property and more. They can be contacted at 9311868869 and 011-31904499 and can be reached on the web at

2. A.M. Financial Consultants

A.M. Financial Consultants provide all types of loan to CIBIL defaulters. They direct associates of bank and NBFCs dealings and provide personal loan to defaulters. They facilitate their customers with low interest rate, Threshold services, most remunerative loan terms, simple documentation, fast processing among other things.

3. Jai Durga Financial Services

Jai Durga Financial Services can provide Personal Loan facilities to CIBIL defaulters. It can also provide others loan such as Home Loan, Car Loan, Loan against property and more. They can be contacted at 9818503667 and can be emailed at or jai durga financial services


Cash revenue provides services to CIBIL defaulters against their Loan. If CIBIL defaulters want to carry a personal loan then they can contact 9022308919 and they also log in their website.


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