How to Revised TDS Return On NSDL

If you have given eTDS wrongly and you want to rectify it then learn here the process to revise TDS return on NSDL website.

The deductors should file TDS quarterly, and this can be done online, and eTDS statement can be used for this. When the deductors have missed something or they have given any information wrongly, then they need to file a statement to rectify these. For a single original form, one can file multiple rectification forms. But, however, it does not happen because of the following reasons.

  • The original FVU file statement may not available

  • The original FVU file statement may not available after combining the rectifications or modifications.

Now, the deductors can start downloading the recent TDS and TCS considered statement from the official website, after all the rectifications and modifications are done.

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How to download FUV file from NSDL Website?

  1. The FVU file has to be downloaded if you want to revise the returns.

  2. The website you to download this file.

  3. You can find the option called TAN registration and select it.

  4. Login using the login details

  5. Go to TDS/TCS -> View Consolidated File

  6. Type all the required details

  7. Give all the answers to the questions

  8. When you have filled in all the required fields, you can see that the FVU file can be downloaded.

eTds Correction Statement / Revised Return

When there is an error that has to be rectified in the original statement, then the correction statement can be used, says the NSDL. When you have already filed the original eTDS or TCS, this can be done with the copy of 27 A. Correction e-TDS is provided as directed by the NDSL by this system. When the correction file is filed, in which the mistaken details are modified, the new corrected file overwrites the previous. When you want to file the correction statement, you need to ensure that old e-return form exists in your system, and also you should only add, rectify, modify or delete the erroneous records.

How to Create Correction Statement

  1. To file a correction E-return file, the initial step is to fill the return filing date, and this can be done through Filing Date Entry Button, using the Office Assistance, on the Main Screen of CompuTDS.

  2. When you have given the return date, the all button is disabled, and a button for displaying the correction in Return.

  3. To do the correction, the button which is meant for Correction in Return has to be clicked. The button comes up with options for corrections, C1, C2, C3, C5, C9 and Y. You need to enter the path of the original return file, and if it exists in the system, it would be automatically displayed. Then click the OK button.


  1. When the correction in Challan and any Challan added to this, then you need to select the C2 correction type.

  2. If the corrections are to be done in Challan and tax deduction entries, and any Challan added, then C3 correction type has to be chosen.

  3. In case of Challan addition the option C9 can be used.

  4. The marked, which can be addition, update or deletion, challan or the tax deduction entry can be treated as the correction entries, which are included in the E-return and these are based on the correction type.

  5. If you do not have the last return file, you would be asked to provide the information in the last return file which includes the last line number, and these can be accessed through the NSDL site. The details are taken automatically, when you have the file. Without the last data, the correction entry is not made in the site.

  6. For all the forms like Form 26, Form 27, Firm 245 and et al, the method of correction is same.

  7. The recommended advice is that the old FVU file is safely kept with you, so that the correction copy is prepared automatically. Also, you should choose the right correction type, so that there are no errors. In case there are no corrections to be made elsewhere than in the Challan, then you need to choose C2.

  8. When correction in return is done, only then the reset old data button is activated.

  9. When the correction in return button is highlighted when the return filing date entry is entered through the Office Assistance Button.

  10. Incorrect PAN and the challan details not matching are the two common errors done.


Open the Computds click on party, and if the system has a return filing date, and this is shown on the Window. Now, click the OK button and the Correction in Return button appears.

The correction has to be done, the e-tds date is taken by the system, and if the date is not available in the system, you need to enter it manually. This has to be done via Office Assistance.

For entering the correction mode, you need to enter the click on correction return. Then Windows asks for the combination and you need to click ‘Yes’.

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