Most exhaustive list of Bitcoin Price Prediction tools for Investment

Cryptocurrency is the new way of investment which has gained a lot of attention recently through the widespread adoption by big financial institutions. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency which is also the most expensive one because of its limited supply (21 million coins) and is valued at $6500 currently. One major concern with investing […]

5 Things to Know Before You Start Saving Money           

Money management and Savings is one of the important skills you should master to lead a comfortable and peaceful.  There are various ways to save money including fixed deposits, mutual funds, making investments in stocks, real estate etc. Before you start saving money, you should first know certain important things as below, Know your Credit […]

How to Revised TDS Return On NSDL

If you have given eTDS wrongly and you want to rectify it then learn here the process to revise TDS return on NSDL website. The deductors should file TDS quarterly, and this can be done online, and eTDS statement can be used for this. When the deductors have missed something or they have given any […]

How to Analyze Balance Sheet and Income Statement

In this article we will tell you how to analyze Balance Sheet and Income statement. Here are the complete details of it. Financial statements are the important documents of any organization to know how their business strategies are transforming into profits. Similarly, investors would try to know the stability and prospects of the company that […]

Prepayment and Accruals Double Entry

In this article we will you about the Prepayment and Accruals Double Entry. Here are the complete details of it. Prepayment and accruals double entry: An insight The domain of cash accounting pitted against accrual accounting is a very important point to be considered in the aspect of net profit calculation. Net profits calculated using […]

How to Calculate NAV of Shares

In this article we will tell you how to calculate NAV of shares. Let’s take a look on this topic. The value of each share of a company is denoted by an expression ‘Net Asset Value’ or NAV. It is arrived at by dividing the net asset value of the company with the outstanding shares. NAV […]

Difference Between Finance Lease and Operating Lease

In this article we will tell you the difference between Finance Lease and Operating Lease. Let’s take a look on this topic. The two basic types of lease are Finance or Capital Lease and Operating Lease. Considering the terms and conditions and the type of assets, a lease can be identified as financial lease or an […]

Top Paying Financial Keywords

In this article we will tell you about some of the Top Paying Financial Keywords. Some of those keywords are listed below: If you are running or editing blog/website that caters to the niche sector of global or local financial matters then you might be burning not only your mid night oil but also great […]